The classic Martin 000-28s belongs to Martin’s 28-series of guitars. Like all 28s the 000-28 features Rosewood back and sides which typically yields a rounder sound than their Mahogany counterparts in the 18-series. This Used Acoustic Guitar with herringbone binding, ebony bridge and fingerboard also includes a hard shell case. A major turning point in Martin 28 history came in 1969 when the Pennsylvania maker switched from Brazilian to Indian Rosewood. This makes 000-28s from prior to 1969 far more collectible than later examples, with those from between 1934 and 1942 being the most sought-after of all.

“A distinguishing feature of this Martin 000-28 Brazilian Rosewood guitar is its outstanding resonance. An evenly cut piece that is tapped emits a bright metallic ring that sustains. This property, combined with its beauty, has made Brazilian Rosewood the favorite and most sought after of woods, of musical instrument makers for centuries. Brazilian Rosewood is an endangered wood as well, meaning it’s value is high and availability is scarce.” Watch and listen to our sale associate, Chase Gorberg play a couple of songs. For more information call 610.696.1812, Ext. 103 or email