Next up we have an Alvarez that came in with a saddle that was too low and caused notes to fret out and a  low E6 tuning machine that was busted. The customer needed his guitar for a show this weekend out of state so that left us with only 2 days to repair his guitar amongst the other repairs we are currently doing.

We were able to salvage a tuning machine off another guitar we had in the shop that was beyond repair and had its headstock broken clean off and wasn’t worth repairing in the state it was in. We made the machine we had fit as close to the original and function properly with good tuning stability. We had a pre-shaped bone saddle that needed minimal shaping to fit into the bridge and has the proper height needed to get the action back to where it needed to be. The bridge pins were old and warped so we replaced them all with new D’Addario bridge pins and some new D’Addario XS acoustic guitar strings.

After a good cleaning and neck adjustment, this guitar was back playing great in only two days and he can make it to his show this weekend with confidence that his guitar will play, look and sound great for the performance.

This week a beautiful D-18 Martin was on the bench for your standard set up with a request to set the action below factory specifications. When I say Taylor’s delivers the goods, we deliver!!! We were able to get the action down to 5/64″ which is slightly lower then factory specifications of 3/32″ on the bass side and 2/32″ on the treble side. Let not forget the most important part CLEANED and CONDITIONED.

On our repair table today is the world famous Gibson Les Paul Tribute. With some extra cleaning and lots of TLC, our repair tech was able to return this beauty to its original luster! Not to mention getting the action almost a 32nd of an inch lower than its previous set up.