Product Overview:
There is one name in the piano industry that rises above all others as being synonymous with excellence: Steinway! The Steinway Piano Company has been setting the standard since the late 1800s, and has provided the benchmark to which other piano manufacturers aspire. The 6′ 10½” model B is the favorite of many piano technicians and musicians. It is the best choice for the serious pianist, recording or teaching studio, or small recital hall. This piano was owned by a local couple who lovingly enjoyed playing it and took great care of it. They bought the piano new in 1981 and the piano is in excellent condition, inside and out.

Taylor’s Music Store has spent the proper time and attention bringing this piano up to its full capability as a fine musical instrument. We went beyond our usual 25 step reconditioning checklist in adhering to industry standards. Our Steinway B did not need to have any parts replaced, so has all original Steinway parts. The pin block is solid and the tuning pins are tight, ensuring a piano that will hold its tune properly. The soundboard is clean and free from cracks with a nice crown, resulting in the characteristic rich and complex Steinway tone. The bridges are free of cracking around the bridge pins. The action has been meticulously regulated according to original Steinway factory specifications. Taylor’s also hired a professional finish repair company to detail the cabinet, which is a beautiful satin ebony.

This wonderful grand piano is now ready for your inspection! We invite you to make an appointment to experience this fine instrument for yourself. Contact us at 610-696-1812 x 115, or email

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Steinway & Sons 6’10” Model B