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Lens Street PictureWhat is your instrument? Do you like to wail on the guitar? Are you in an orchestra? Do you play the piano? Bang the drums? Play the horn? Whatever you do musically, Taylor’s Music Store  is your source for music interaction! We are the largest full line music store in the Philadelphia suburbs, nestled in the center of West Chester, a quaint college town 20 miles west of Philadelphia and 15 miles north of Wilmington, DE. Musically speaking, you need it, we’ve got it!

Taylor’s Music Store has been in business for 80+ years. John I. Taylor bucked the national trend by starting his business during the year of the great stock market crash, 1929. Surviving the great depression with a small, one room store, Taylor’s slowly became a fixture in the community. After World War II, Taylor’s Music Store grew during the great post war boom. By reaching out to the local schools with a strong band instrument program, that included professional teachers calling on the schools to help the children and the school bands and orchestras get a good start, Taylor’s established its reputation as the area’s band and string instrument center. One of those teachers was Eugene Buglio. Mr. ‘B‘, as he is known today, started working at Taylor’s in the mid 50’s. By 1960, he purchased the business from Mr. Taylor and with his infusion of energy and expertise, Taylor’s Music Store grew to 8 times its original size. Gene Buglio emphasized the teaching philosophy of the store and realized that to achieve true growth, Taylor’s would have the responsibility to teach all of its customers how to play their instruments. With West Chester State Teachers College (today, West Chester University) being a constant source for teachers and sales staff, the mentality of teaching is a foundation for all that we do.

Today, Taylor’s Music Store has 25 studios with over 350 students per week .Taylor’s Music Store has always been a family business. In the early 1970’s, Gene’s eldest son Tom started delivering pianos, working in the piano reconditioning shop and on the piano and organ sales floor. In 1977, Taylor’s Music Store opened a branch location in Gateway Shopping Center in Devon, where Tom managed for 10 years. In 1982, Tom became part of the ownership of the company. He moved back to the original location in 1987 and today is in charge of the piano and keyboard department. Under Tom’s management, Taylor’s offers new and used acoustic pianos, baby grand pianos and modern player grands, digital pianos from Kawai, Baldwin, Roland, Casio and Yamaha portable keyboards and synthesizers. Taylor’s keyboard department is equipped to appeal to your traditional keyboard needs with a nice used piano, to the most contemporary desires: a midi keyboard with USB capabilities that allow you to connect to your laptop or via Blue Tooth to your iPad or tablet.

The turbulent 1960’s had a dramatic effect on Taylor’s – as the Beatles and Rock and Roll created a non stop demand for guitars, amplifiers, drums, and sound reinforcement equipment. In 1987, Gene Buglio’s daughter Julie married Len Doyle. Another WCU alumni, Len Doyle joined the staff – adding his talents as a fine guitarist and experience in rock, jazz and classical combos. Len is in touch with what today’s young musician wants and needs to make music. Len then purchased Taylor’s Music Store and under his direction, Taylor’s has totally renovated the combo department into a modern, high tech, exciting store. Taylor’s has hundreds of guitars on display for the beginner, hobbyist and professional: everything from classical guitars, to folk guitars to electric guitars, effects boxes and effects pedals.

Today, Taylor’s Music Store is a full-line, modern store with a true expert at the head of every department. Whatever your needs, from Sheet Music, Band Instruments, String Instruments, Guitars, Drums, PA Equipment, Keyboards, New and Used Pianos, Digital Pianos and more. Just call on Taylor’s or order on line. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience or order online 24 hours a day.