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with Tom and brother Joe Buglio!

Customer Testimonials

Dear Tom,

I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful beginners class. I loved it and through your patience & guidance, I am now ready for Jingle Bells.  I have to keep working on my speed for sure- and the Olympic March is still a toughie for me. I’m so excited to have this knowledge, having never touched a keyboard. It was a great experience and I can now cross it off my bucket list. If you plan to do another beginners class, please keep me on your email list, I need a refresh before going to the next phase. Thank you for the opportunity & it was terrific meeting you.


Carol F.

“Since I am a complete beginner I think the group class was a perfect way to get started. Having the opportunity to make up classes was great. The pace of the class seemed good to me-challenging but not too overwhelming. Really enjoyed the class and looking forward to continued learning.”

 -Patsy F.

“Joe is a great instructor and perfect for adults who may be feeling reticent. I found it challenging yet within reach to improve with practice. The design of the class was perfect: learned to read music, play by ear, tried composing a little, became familiar with some theory.  I look forward to the next series!”

-Jen A.

“Joe is excellent with his interactions with students.  Some of the “easier” examples were essential to moving forward with what we covered in class.  I really enjoyed myself and learned quite about music and playing the piano in general.”

 -Wendy K.

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