Kids Group Piano Lessons

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Co-taught by piano instructors Pamela Johnson and Thomas Alberici, students will experience an immersive, multimedia, and progressive piano curriculum in our modern Keyboard Lab. Students will learn the skills needed to play songs they enjoy and have performance opportunities alongside their peers. Additional class topics include music theory, history, and playing technique presented through a variety of

ATX Anytime Hybrid Pianos

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ATX Anytime Hybrid Pianos Introducing the KAWAI "ATX Hybrid" Anytime Piano! The NEW Kawai ATX4 is the next generation Kawai AnyTime silent pianos - the piano you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Based on Kawai’s popular K-200 upright piano and Kawai GL10 Grand, the ATX4 series come equipped with

Kawai Professional Upright K-Series Comparison

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If you're in the market for a great new piano, check out the video below of Tom Buglio's comparison on the fantastic Kawai K Series Pianos. For more information call 800.291.9700, Ext. 115 or  email tom@taylorsmusic.com Here's a quote from Kawai; "Whenever knowledgable pianists discuss which brands of upright pianos are

Our Aging Population, Dementia and the benefits of Music Lessons

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Our Aging Population, Dementia and Piano Lessons In a new study from Germany and Switzerland, scientists have compared the brain scans of people over 60 who took piano lessons to those who did not. The results are quite amazing. The ‘white matter’ in one’s brain is where cognitive decline happens, resulting in

Portable Pianos from Taylor’s

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Portable Pianos are the hottest ‘keyboard’ on the market today. They have what piano teachers and good musicians demand 88 weighted keys and a good piano tone. Most offer many other instrumental voices, like harpsichord, organ, strings and more. Check out our affordable selections, starting as low as $499 plus accessories (Stand, Bench, Pedals).

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