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This Rebate program is similar to previous years, but now with a new twist. Our customer will still receive an instant rebate. In addition to rebates given to our customers, Kawai will pledge a donation to the Autism Science Foundation, ASF. ASF’s mission is to support autism research by providing funding and other assistance

6’10” Model B Ebony Satin Grand SPECIAL OF THE MONTH – SAVE $10,000

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Product Overview: There is one name in the piano industry that rises above all others as being synonymous with excellence: Steinway! The Steinway Piano Company has been setting the standard since the late 1800s, and has provided the benchmark to which other piano manufacturers aspire. The 6′ 10½” model B

Kawai Professional Upright K-Series Comparison

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If you're in the market for a great new piano, check out the video below of Tom Buglio's comparison on the fantastic Kawai K Series Pianos. For more information call 800.291.9700, Ext. 115 or  email Here's a quote from Kawai; "Whenever knowledgable pianists discuss which brands of upright pianos are

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