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********* Chuck Anderson Master Guitar Class *********

chuck-anderson-master-class-edited-2-10-21-19Check out Chuck here;

Master Guitar Class Topics

  • What is the jazz guitar?
  • Essential skills
  • Rhythmic feels
  • The 4 elements of the jazz guitar style:

                                                                              a) Technique

                                                                              b) Jazz Chords

                                                                              c) Street Theory

                                                                              d) Repertoire /Improvisation

What students and professionals had to say…

Just to say that my master class with Chuck was brilliant and I learned a whole lot more about jazz which is what I’m trying to work towards because I’m generally a rock/pop player. These seminars and lectures are excellent and I eagerly await the next one. Andy Platts

I found the master class on Monday with Chuck extremely useful and very interesting. I was most impressed with his approach and overall understanding of teaching, clear and concise. Instead of centering on one stylistic theme, he discussed points relevant to the guitar in general. This is an excellent approach as no one is left feeling excluded due to taste and experience. In the one hour long one on one session, I was given a lot of invaluable pointers and pieces of practical advice on a range of topics. Many thanks. Jim Ellis

Chuck is a master. Always has been one!Jimmy Bruno – JimmyBruno.com

Chuck Anderson’s guitar artistry is a cut above the jazz standard. The quality of his execution is so fine that on first hearing, it is literally stunning. Victor L. Shermer – All About Jazz