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The Hallet, Davis & Co. Story

Hallet, Davis & Co. Pianos

Performance, Beauty, and an Affordable Price equals one of the best values in the piano industry!

Performance – Hallet, Davis pianos offer German scale designs, high quality hammers and the consistent touch of a finely regulated action. The soundboard, the piano’s “speaker”, is made of solid spruce for producing beautiful, satisfying tone.  Proper touch response and reliable and consistent performance are yours with the Hallet, Davis piano.

Beauty – Beyond being a fine musical instrument, your new piano is also a beautiful piece of furniture, which enhances your home for many years to come. Hallet, Davis pianos offer you a choice of walnut, mahogany or ebony in a satin or high polish finish or mahogany veneers, in satin or high luster, as well as traditional ebony polish.

Value –By combining the best of the old world and the new, European design, American oversight, and Chinese labor costs, Hallet Davis is able to offer a fine piano that represents one of the best values in a new piano today.  Come in and experience the Hallet, Davis and Co. piano for yourself. It may be the perfect choice for your family.

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