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Guitar Repairs

Guitar Repairs

Ed Phethean has many years of experience working for Ibanez Guitar. He is also a certified technician by Ibanez, Martin, Fender and Hohner. Ed is one of the few techs that can troubleshoot electronics in a guitar, not just mechanical problems. You can feel confident in leaving your instrument to be repaired with us!  

Guitar Repairs Done at Taylor’s

Exact prices may vary depending on the instrument, condition, age, and extra repairs not evident upon immediate inspection.

For pricing please give a call to 610-696-1812, Extension 103

or email dom@taylorsmusic.com

These are a majority of the repairs we offer at Taylor’s Music Store.

  • Restring: – Change String, clean and condition body and fingerboard.
  • Set-Up – Restring, adjust neck angle and relief. Set action and intonation. Set pickup height if applicable.
  • Install Strap Button
  • Input Jack Repair  
  • Install Tuning Machines
  • Install Nut or Saddle
  • Fabricate Nut or Saddle
  • Fret Leveling
  • Re-Fret
  • Pick Guard Mounting
  • Re-Glue Bridge
  • Re-Glue Brace
  • Repair Cracks-Charge is per inch and is determined after visual inspection. (Installing Cleats are an additional cost  per cleat.)
  • Under Saddle Acoustic Pick-Up Install: – (Set-Up NOT Included)
  • Electric Pick-Up Install: – (Set-Up NOT Included).
  • Repair Pots & Switches:-Price is per first pot or switch depending on type. Additional Pots and Switches will be billed at a rate per hour.
  • Finish Repairs, Wood Repairs, Neck Repairs* – *Results may vary depending on the type of damage.

Headstock Broken and Fixed

Please feel free to call 610696-1812, extension 103 for any questions you might have.

                                        Please Note: Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations whenever possible; however,

                                                    Taylor’s Music will Not assume responsibility for the following:

1. Instruments left in our possession without case.

2. It is your responsibility to secure the instrument while in storage.

3. Instruments left beyond 30 days.