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Guitar Repairs

Guitar Repairs

Exact prices may vary depending on the instrument, condition, age, and

extra repairs not evident upon immediate inspection.

Dominick Ciociola has many years of experience working on guitars and basses.

Dom is one of the few techs that can troubleshoot electronics in a guitar, set-up, fret work, not just mechanical problems.


For more information call 610.696.1812, Ext. 103 or email; dom@taylorsmusic.com

These are just some of the repairs we offer at Taylor’s Music Store:

Restrings & Setups

Every car needs and oil change and so does your guitar. Setups and restrings keep your guitar playing like the day you purchased it. Taylor’s Music store has trained employees ready to restring your guitar everyday quickly and professionally. Our restrings and setups include cleaning, refurbishing your fret board and polishing the entire body of your guitar or bass.


Nut & Saddle Installation

Pickup Installation

Tuner Replacement

Strap Button Installation

Acoustic Preamp Installation

Replace Switch

Replace Potentiometer

Replace Output Jack

Clean Electronics

Replace Pickguard


Crack Separation on Top/Back/Sides

Reglue Headstock

Bridge Replacement


Fret Leveling

Neck Reset


Some repairs and modifications are more demanding that others. That is why Taylor’s Music works with professional luthiers prepared to take on any repair task you may need. For the most accurate quote stop by our store at 116 West Gay Street West Chester, Pa 19380.

For pricing please give a call to 610-696-1812, Extension 103

or email info@taylorsmusic.com

               Please Note: Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations whenever possible; however,

                                     Taylor’s Music will Not assume responsibility for the following:

1. Instruments left in our possession without case.

2. It is your responsibility to secure the instrument while in storage.

3. Instruments left beyond 30 days.