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Gina Helwig, Head Piano Technician

With over 25 years of apprenticing and experience, we are thrilled to have Gina as the head of our Piano Service Department. She possesses a wide breadth of experience in all aspects of piano tuning and service, including reconditioning, restorations, rebuilds, humidity control system installation, (Gina is certified as a Field Expert Dampp-Chaser installer by Piano Lifesaver Systems) and some refinishing.  Prior to joining Taylor’s, Gina ran her own piano service company for many years, amassing over 3000 satisfied clients.  With Gina’s gregarious, unpretentious personality, you’ll look forward to her visits as she expertly services your piano!

Leah Damgaard-Hansen, Piano Technician

Taylor’s is thrilled to introduce one of our skilled piano technicians, Leah Damgaard-Hansen.  With over 10 years piano tuning, maintenance, and service experience, Leah has honed her skills including pitch corrections, action regulation, voicing, and other repairs.  Her professional training includes a degree in 2010 from the esteemed North Bennet Street School in Boston, focusing on Advanced Piano Technology.  Her professional, methodical approach to piano repair and tuning will surely bring out the best in your instrument.  You can find Leah on the road servicing the pianos of our numerous customers, or reconditioning our inventory of certified, pre-owned pianos.  Simply call Taylor’s to set up an appointment today!

 Give Taylor’s a call today for piano questions, (610.696.1812 Ext.115) or fill out the form below submit a request for tuning.

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Climate Control (Vertical) Installation of a system to regulate the piano interior moisture level, significantly prolonging the life of the piano. $550+tax
Climate Control (Grand) Installation of a system to regulate the piano interior moisture level, significantly prolonging the life of the piano. $599+tax

  Choose from these service options:

Standard Tuning  – Standard tuning with no extra adjustments or repairs. (Pitch raise may be needed on pianos not tuned in a while.)

Standard Tuning with Pitch Raise – Required for pianos that have not been tuned for a while and are significantly under pitch.

What is a Pitch Raise on a piano Due to environmental conditions and/or length of time between tunings, a piano may drop significantly in pitch. This requires the piano technician to make two passes through all 200 piano strings; the first pass to “rough in” the tuning, and the second to fine tune to concert pitch. Regular tunings (at least twice a year) and a stable environment with regards to temperature and humidity help keep your piano in good working order.

Interior Cleaning – Upright Pianos – Vacuum bottom of piano behind panel.

Additional Cleaning Services – Additional cleaning services are available such as string cleaning, cleaning of the action, tuning pins, keys, and cabinet. Cost to be assessed at time of visit.

Piano evaluation – This includes examination of the piano and estimate for services needed. If service is completed at the time of the visit, fee is applied toward total cost.

Piano Appraisal – Includes evaluation and written appraisal of value.


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