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Frank Saam is an exceptional violin maker and graduate from The International School Of Violin Making in Cremona, Italy. Frank began to study the art of violin making as a child. He worked at the House of Primavera until he was 18. He moved to Belgium to work as a restorer for a year, and then decided to apply for the top violin making school in the world – The International School of Violin Making in Cremona, Italy. After obtaining his diploma in 1992, he moved to Magnolia, New Jersey where he opened his own workshop.   Frank has been working with Taylor’s Music since 1996. Some of Frank Saam’s instruments are played in the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Boston Symphony, the Dallas Symphony and beyond. For more information, pricing or type of repairs, call 610-696-1812 Ext. 105 or email:bandrepair@taylorsmusic.com.