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Yamaha Gray Market Pianos

Gray Market Yamaha Pianos

If you have your heart set on a Yamaha piano, Taylor’s specializes in Grade A refurbished Yamaha pianos from Japan.  These are one owner, lightly used pianos that are completely brought back to factory specifications, with the cabinets buffed to look like new pianos.   These pianos offer years of enjoyment and savings of up to half the price of new! Some retailers may caution you against used or “Gray Market” pianos. They try to instill fear and doubt about your choices, but we at Taylor’s Music assure you that the used pianos we carry are of the highest grade available. Yamaha dealers warnings of the dangers of buying a used Yamaha grand is intended to scare you, and are greatly exaggerated.

“Pianos intended for Japan and America are seasoned differently, and the Japanese market models will fall apart in America’s climate.” There is only one difference between the two pianos:  4% less humidity in the wood of pianos made for the American market.   However, the climate and humidity in the Northeastern United States is very similar to that of Japan. Therefore, a piano that is seasoned for a Japanese climate should do fine in the Northeastern United States.   Also, Larry Fine states in The Piano Buyers Book that “Yamaha pianos are well built and it’s hard to imagine that they would all be so temperamental as to fall apart with a moderate change in humidity.”

Here is a link to his most current article on the subject:  http://www.pianobuyer.com/spring14/62.html#gray

Other Misquotes:

“There is no manufacturer’s warranty for these pianos.”

There is no manufacturer’s warranty for any used pianos. Taylor’s Music offers a 3 year warranty and a 5 year option with purchase and installation of a climate control system. You can shop with confidence backed by Taylor’s service and over 80 years experience.

“Gray Market pianos are older, and will not last as long as a brand new piano.” 

Good pianos have a 50-75 year life expectancy.  Since most of our Certified Pre-Owned pianos are only 20-30 years old, they should give a consumer a good 30-40 years before major work is required.  A climate control system extends the life of a piano another 5-10 years as well.

“Replacement parts for these pianos are not available.”

This is simply not true. Parts are readily available for these pianos from many different sources. Also, Taylor’s Certified Pre-Owned Models are always grade A, so they rarely need replacement parts.

Here’s what customers are saying:

“For a very long time I have been aware of the quality selection of used Yamaha grand pianos carried at your store. They are always immaculate in appearance and tone, as well as being reasonably priced and I always knew that someday I would own one.   Dave Glarner-vice president, Bryn Mawr Trust Bank

“I must admit that I always wanted a grand piano in my living room. I looked around at other stores, but I found the best value at Taylor’s. I really enjoy the Yamaha grand piano. I bought it used, but it looks and sounds brand new.”  Christine Costanza – piano teacher         

For more information, call  our piano department:  610-696-1812 x 115

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Kawai iPad Player Piano

Watch Pete Thompson talk about the Kawai Player Piano with iPad technology. Truly amazing!


The new iPad Player System brings invisible technology and wireless control to your piano.   You’ll love how easy it is to download, store, organize and play your music from this sleek controller.   You can also enjoy endless entertainment with PianoDisc’s free Internet Streaming Radio Broadcast.   Take advantage of the iPad’s larger visual display  to view sheet music or simply watch PianoVideo performances.Click the arrow to watch the video.

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